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  • Define


    We get to know you, get to know your brand and style, learn about your customers and how they are targeted. We get to know every small detail that relates to your new packaging design project.
    We then scope out the project:
    •    Objectives: What would define a successful project?
    •    Timelines 
    •    Specifications and requirements
    •    Sustainability objectives
    •    Testing requirements 
    •    Production and assembly requirements 
    •    Transportation, storage and handling requirements. 
    •    End user satisfaction requirements.

  • Visualise


    Our design team is passionate about innovation, always customer-orientated and firmly grounded in practicality. Using our advanced 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) system enables rapid production of precise 3D concepts and photorealistic “to scale” concept drawings which are used to confirm the part’s visual and dimensional requirements. 

  • Sample


    At the prototype phase in our design process, we thoroughly analyse the packaging concept to ensure complete form, fit and function. Modifications can be made at this stage. We provide samples that give you a close representation of the final part. Samples are close to production quality and can be used for market testing, focus groups, validations and transportation testing.

  • Tooling


    Upon customer acceptance and sign-off of the prototype, our highly experience tool and die makers create the highest quality, most innovative and customised tooling available.
    After precise machining, secondary finishing options, if required, are applied to ensure that the tool meets the client’s exact specifications. Upon completion, the aluminium production tools are transferred to our production facility in Poznan where after use they are carefully stored and maintained for optimal future performance.

  • Production


    The production process at Fibrepak is a smooth, fully monitored and tested production line of quality. 

    We have the latest cure-in-the-mould fibre production equipment enabling us to design and develop fibre products to a customer's exact specifications incorporating the capability of handling the requirements of a complex product line whilst conforming to ISTA and TUV packaging performance standards.. Our manufacturing facilitiy operates within ISO, BRC/IOP & FSC systems.