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At Fibrepak we manufacture custom designed moulded fibre packaging with a paper smooth surface.

Unlike traditional moulded pulp packaging, our process uses 'Cure-In-The-Mould' technology to produce the highest quality, most well defined, smooth surfaced thin walled fibre packaging available.

Fibrepak clients are able to choose from a number of recyclable/compostable packaging material options which can be coloured and blended using food safe pigment dyes to provide a variety of finishes. These material options include a range of sustainable virgin crop fibres and virgin wood fibre, all of which are well suited to the process.

As Fibrepak is a sub-brand of leading European thermoformer Plastique, all clients will benefit from the innovation and expertise gained from 37 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing thermoformed packaging and components for many of the world’s leading brands and organisations.

To watch a video of the manufacturing process click HERE